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Andy Green Hearingcare HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Ear Wax Removal Audiologist

Ear Wax Removal & All Inclusive Hearing Aid Shop & Home Visits. Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Dronfield & Worksop.
Open today until 16:00
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The new restrictions do not affect our services or the way we operate. We are classed as an essential service and are offering home visit and clinic appointments as usual.

Hearing Aid & Ear Wax Removal Day Clinic

02-Nov-2020 – 02-Nov-2020

We are pleased to recommence our Monday & Thursday clinic within Bird Opticians 41-43 Surrey Street Sheffield S1 2LG.
Online booking is available for ear wax removal and hearing aid appointments.


We are now offering a home visit service for hearing aids and ear wax removal by both microsuction and/or irrigation. For more information and to book appointments please call 0800 246 5946. We are also operating clinics in Sheffield city centre on Mondays & Thursdays.

Unitron hearing aids are now only available via an independent Hearing Aid Audiologist like ourselves. Unitron is no longer available at Boots Hearingcare, Specsavers, Amplifon or Hidden Hearing.

So why is this?

Unitron are the sister company to Phonak hearing aids, both owned by parent company...

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Let's look at buying a pair of latest circuit (not superceded), branded (not own label) hearing aids from the 3 market leaders; Boots, Specsavers and an independent (us!).

Boots £2045 starting price, no trial, pay for batteries, no home visits, no wax removal from my old High Street Sheffield br...

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Branded Hearing Aid Price Match & All Inclusive Aftercare

10-Jan-2020 – 30-Apr-2020

In addition to our unique All Inclusive Aftercare on all our Hearing Aids we are now offering a price match promise on any of the following Hearing Aid brands ;
If we are not already cheaper on the above brands, we will match the price and include 2 years fr...

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What is All Inclusive Hearingcare?
What does it mean to our clients?
How does it differ from what other Hearing Aid providers offer?

Andy Green Hearing Aids & Ear Wax Removal are the 1st and only UK Hearing Aid provider to offer an All Inclusive service. It is a completely unique service offerin...

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There are an increasing number of NHS GP surgeries who are no longer offering ear syringing. This could be one of the reasons why you are searching the internet for an alternative to have ear wax removal. We offer clinic or home visit appointments, we are fully trained and insured and use the lat...

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Did you know? More than 450 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss and an estimated 1 in 6 adults experience some degree of hearing loss.*

Suspect you might have hearing loss? Our simple online hearing test can provide insight into how well you’re hearing and if you should seek a prof...

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a month ago
On behalf of my 95 year old mother, I would like to say a big thank you to Andy. He first visited my mum to remove wax from her ears and carried out a hearing test the following week. We then discussed the best option for mum to purchase a new hearing aid/aids. Andy came back this week with new new aids and mum is delighted with them! They have made a big difference to her. Also with the tiny microphone, I can have a conversation with her from a different room! It's just like magic! We wish we had heard of your service years ago. We would not hesitate to recommend you to any new customers.
- Joy T
2 weeks ago
If you have any concerns regarding your hearing don't waste your time going to the so called big guns. From first contact with Andy he put me at ease and it was immediately obvious how much he cares about your hearing problems. Andys knowledge and advice is absolutely first class, he genuinely cares about the patient. Andy recognises how traumatic hearing loss is and he uses all his expertise to find the very best solution that gets your life back to normality. Andy visited me at home to see how i was getting on with the new hearing aids he supplied to me, and make any adjustments if needed. Andy wouldn't take a penny off me til he was satisfied that everything was working the way it should. As i said at the beginning of this review, don't waste your time going anywhere else. See Andy, hes a top bloke too.
- Lee D
4 months ago
Contacted Andy after reading the reviews and i wasn't disappointed. After suffering with significant hearing loss for some time, and despite the best efforts of my body to refuse to part with the offending wax, Andy put me completely at ease and filled me with confidence with his professionalism, and the results are outstanding. Highly recommend his services.
- Adrian L

S1 Clinic and home visit appointments

Thankyou for visiting and welcome to the website of Andy Green Hearingcare - Hearing Aids & Earwax Removal. If you are looking for professional advice with your hearing, and want to hear better, you have found the regions number one expert and hearing aid provider for service, choice and value. To book your hearing appointment please contact us and we will arrange a clinic or home visit consultation.

Andy Green is an experienced Health & Care Professionals Council (HCPC) Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist (RHAA) and a NHS trained Earcare Practitioner who has been qualified since 2006. Andy is one of the regions most experienced Registered Hearing Aid Audiologists, having worked in a variety of roles which give him an unrivalled background in the industry. Andy has worked as a Hearing Aid Audiologist for the NHS and privately for Boots Hearingcare, as well as working for a hearing aid manufacturing laboratory (Starkey), supplying hearing instruments, equipment and training to the public and private sectors. This wealth of knowledge and experience underpins his philosophy of "Best Advice & Value for the client" at all times.

Andy Green Hearingcare are proud to offer the UK's 1st and only "All Inclusive" Hearing Aid service, with the most comprehensive range of branded products that are all supplied with 2 years free all inclusive aftercare and an optional industry leading 5 year all inclusive warranty. 

If you take the time to compare what we offer versus the rest of the High Street and the Internet hearing aid retailers, you will notice how more inclusive services, choice and aftercare we include, free of charge, versus our competitors, as well as the most competitive range of pricing.

Andy Green Hearingcare is also the only UK hearing aid service offering free ear wax removal & batteries as part of our all inclusive warranty & aftercare package. Our overall pricing is at, or below, internet pricing and all of our competitors on the high street, including; Boots, Specsavers, Amplifon & Hidden Hearing when you compare the overall costs over the lifetime of your hearing aid/s.

Andy Green Hearingcare is Independent and only offers the latest Hearing Aid products & circuits from;


None of our products have outdated circuits, we only offer the latest digital bluetooth hearing aid circuits and products, nor do we offer any own label product like Specsavers Advance or Boots AudioNova. We are also partners of the above world leading hearing aid manufacturers, not just suppliers.

Direct links to hearing aid manufacturers websites are all listed with links below, just click on the blue text. 

Oticon OPN1S rechargeable & OPN1S battery available for trial. OPN1/1S 10% below the best internet price. 

Starkey website link:
Starkey Muse IQ 2400 rechargeable available for trial 

Phonak Marvel M90 rechargeable available for trial 

Bernafon website link:
Bernafon Zerena 9 & Viron 9 battery available for trial. We offer the lowest prices on Bernafon in the UK. 

Unitron T800 battery available for trial 
Discovery 9 available soon

Phonak Belong Titanium information video link:

The private hearing aid industry has a huge choice of retailers, products and services. The following information will give you an overview of how it all works.
Much of this information can also be confirmed by looking at the Which? reports;

The Internet

You search for hearing aids and companies pop up that sell hearing aids over the internet. They may or may not be cheaper than High Street retailers depending on the product, but if you find the product you want and think its the cheapest price you have seen, you contact them and this is what you will then experience.....

It is highly unlikely that the Audiologist will be employed with the Internet company. They will be a local Audiologist the Internet company passes work on to. The price you pay will be for hearing aid/s only. You will nearly always pay extra for batteries, ear wax removal (if available) and may have a limited period for aftercare appointments before you start to incur charges. 

If you add the cost of batteries, wax removal and aftercare in the future, you will find that the initial price may not be so attractive versus ourselves who offer all inclusive aftercare free, and as we also offer a price match, contact us on 0800 246 5946 instead of risking buying off the internet (this is just our site, we are NOT an Internet retailer.)

I publish this information because I used to receive enquiries from one of the biggest hearing aid internet retailers. The client would then research us and find out we were generally cheaper and offered free batteries and ear wax removal and wanted to deal directly with us, so now I don't do any third party work, just direct, but will help out other Independents if (say) one of their clients relocates to this area.

Boots Hearingcare

My old employers Boots are not as independent as you may first think. They are actually 51% owned by a company called Sonova, the Swiss parent company behind Phonak, Unitron and AudioNova hearing aids. So who's products are you most likely to be offered...? 

Boots currently offer the Phonak, Starkey and Widex brands and AudioNova which is a hybrid Sonova own label product range exclusive to Boots, BUT the only latest circuits on the Boots price list are Phonaks Marvel 30/50/70/90 range and the Starkey Livio AI2400, so your choice of latest circuits is limited to just 1 full range whereas we offer 7 latest circuit ranges from 7 manufacturers. Although prices change, standard pricing for the latest Phonak Marvel M30 entry level aids start at an above market price of £2045 per pair. The Phonak Belong aids and the Starkey Muse IQ have been improved already; 
Phonak Belong for the Phonak Marvel and the Starkey Muse IQ for the Livio/Livio AI circuit. 

Boots do not offer home visits locally, have recently cut warranty periods from 5 to 4 years, extended 6 month check ups to 12 months wherever possible (doesn't sound much but that is actually halving the aftercare?), charge for batteries, charge for wax removal (if available) and have recently discontinued the popular Unitron hearing aids. Given that our branded pairs of hearing aids start £850 cheaper than Boots, and include free everything you need for 2 years, you would be well advised to avoid Boots and that's before you read their Trustpilot reviews. If you were thinking of visiting a Boots branch, visit us instead for more choice, inclusive services and aftercare 0800 246 5946

I publish this information because I worked for Boots Hearingcare at Doncaster, Sheffield; High St, Crystal Peaks & Queens Rd between December 2011 & February 2018. I trained their staff from 2009 to 2011 for Starkey Hearing Laboratories. The recent reductions in warranty, choice and aftercare are due to the change in strategy after former operators David Ormerod Hearingcare sold their 49% share to Boots and the hearingcare business management was taken over by Boots management.

I see a lot of my old Boots clients, many track me down to re-establish the patient/practitioner relationship they enjoyed whilst I was at Boots where I always received 100% customer satisfaction ratings. I am happy to offer ongoing aftercare to any of my old Boots clients, just round the corner in Bird Opticians on Surrey Street.


With 3 current branded ranges and their Advance own label range, it would seem like Specsavers offer a bit more than Boots and have a reputation for value with their never ending 2 for 1 offer. But if you know the inside track on the industry, the Specsavers business model is worthy of a closer look before you even peruse the hearing aids. 

2 for 1 falls down if you only want or need 1 hearing aid and you will end up with 2 right or left aids, which is pointless and expensive. All hearingcare branches are run by franchisees, you are effectively dealing with an individual business and not a chain of branches. Own label seems cheap and aftercare is lifetime but if you buy own label you can only go back to Specsavers and can't get a second opinion, plus the own label is made by an established hearing aid lab and is often no cheaper than a latest branded product from elsewhere. 

Their cheapest pair of branded hearing aids are £1945, that's £750 more expensive than our cheapest branded aids, and you will also pay for home visits and ear wax removal at Specsavers when we provide these free. So for an alternative to Specsavers, see what we can offer on 0800 246 5946

I publish this information because I trained Specsavers Audiologists from 2008 to 2011 while working for Starkey Hearing Laboratories who manufactured a range of own label Advance hearing aids for Specsavers at that time, but have since been discontinued. I also looked into buying a Specsavers franchise at Lincoln in 2010.


Don't issue prices on their website where everyone else now does, but a very basic price list is available in-store. Amplifon are owned by hearing aid manufacturer GnResound. 5 price points, too basic at the bottom end and too expensive at the top end (£3,695) versus the rest of the market. Batteries and ear wax removal charged extra.

I publish this information because I trained Amplifon hearing aid Audiologists from 2009 to 2011 whilst working for Starkey Hearing Laboratories, who had products on the Amplifon price list at that time. 

Hidden Hearing

HH are owned by Demant who are the parent company of hearing aid brands Oticon and Bernafon. Hidden Hearing have hearing aids that are twice the price of what we and other providers charge. I trained with Hidden Hearing and left as soon as possible due to unrealistic pricing.

Claritas, Hearing Health & Mobility, Age UK Hearing, Sonetik at Lloyds Pharmacy have all recently gone into administration. If you need aftercare, book in to see us, you don't have to see the company they sold their databases to !

Microsuction ear wax removal or irrigation. (NHS trained) 

Online ear wax removal & freehearing check appointment booking link for Monday and Thursday day clinics:

HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist: 

Which? Report link on the hearing aid retailmarket:

Hearing Aid Know, a VERY good site for independent advice. Tons of info via this link:

Latest Digital Hearing Instrument Technology 2019 invisible hearing aids guide:

Invisible hearing aid styles information video :  

Rechargeable Li-ion battery information video link:

Full warranty & aftercare, all makes serviced and repaired

Sheffield City Centre clinic 2 days a week Monday & Thursday 10-4 at Bird Opticians 41-43 Surrey Street S1 2LG currently suspended due to coronavirus. 

Home visits available for all appointments 

HAC/HCPC Registered since 2006

Ex Boots Hearingcare High Street Sheffield 2011-2018 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Full Clinical Diagnosis to British Society of Audiology standards

Price match promise on all branded aids versus Boots Hearingcare, Hidden Hearing, Amplifon, Bloom, Regional, Hearing Health & Mobilty/Hearwise, Hear UK Ltd, Hearing Practice Group, Scrivens,, Peter Byrom, Hearing & Tinnitus Services and Specsavers

Dementia Friend Trained

Freephone: 0800 246 5946


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